Prenatal & Kids’ Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Get in touch with your baby and your changing body through yoga. Prenatal Yoga prevents and alleviates many common pregnancy discomforts. This class will prepare the body for childbirth by stretching and strengthening the lower back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, as well as opening the hips and sacrum. It teaches proper breathing and relaxation techniques so pregnant women are able to relax more easily.

Come meet other moms-to-be while learning postures that help prepare the body for labor, delivery, and motherhood.  This class is taught by a Registered Yoga Teacher with specific Prenatal and Postnatal certifications.

Prenatal Yoga is now offered in monthly sessions.  Registration and prepayment are required.

Kids’ Yoga

Kids are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety at younger and younger ages. Yoga and mindfulness are effective tools that provide children with ways to examine and understand their own thoughts, feelings, and physical bodies.

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