Lisa Hudson

Certified Kripalu Yoga InstructorLisaMarketYoga

Lisa is a Kripalu Yoga Teacher, earning her 200hr certification through the Kripalu School of Yoga & Ayurveda’s immersion program at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in the Spring of 2013.

KRIPALU translates to “compassion” or “from the heart”, and it is through this practice both as a teacher and a student of yoga, that the constant inquiry of what is most true to ones heart has allowed Lisa to grow in awareness, joy, strength, compassion and connection.

Although she could never have imagined for herself that she would one day become a yoga teacher, Lisa  found that she had fallen in love with the entire process of teaching, and how it informed and inspired a personal transformation that comes from using the voice to express what’s in the heart.

Lisa’s yoga journey has been strongly influenced by Dharma & Kripalu styles of yoga, the practice of Bhakti, meditation, mantra, mudra and study of yogic philosophy. She says she is inspired continuously by all of her teachers, friends and fellow students in her Sangha (Community). She loves finding new styles of yoga to incorporate into her personal practice as well as classes.

As a teacher, Lisa’s intention is to be present, so that she might foster an experience and environment for each individual’s personal growth on and off the mat. And, by inspiring others, to inspire herself to continue to evolve, expand, and understand life’s greatest offerings.

Lisa’s Studio Gaia Testimonial:

“Studio Gaia all but exploded into my life a few years ago. I was practicing Pilates regularly in St. Louis, but wanted to find something closer to home. A friend of mine in Edwardsville had mentioned this little studio a few times in passing conversation, and she forwarded me the studio’s email one week; the week of Michael Jackson’s death, in fact. I’ll never forget…

I saw that they (turned out to be Sally) were offering a free Friday night Nia class, celebrating the music of “MJ.” I had absolutely NO idea what Nia was, but that day, I just knew I needed to MOVE (or wiggle, as I most often say). So, off I went, determined to find this mysterious address I couldn’t find the last time I had tried.

Ahhh, Nia! The music, the barefoot dance, the lighthearted vulnerability it asked of me…I had found my second nest at the studio, in Nia, and in their community. I began regularly attending every Nia class and event I could, taking private Pilates whenever possible, receiving amazingly healing massages, and was ultimately introduced to Yoga.

This is what I love about Studio Gaia; whatever I am needing, be it dance, education, healing, yoga, or simply a space to feel safe and sit, Studio Gaia is there for me. It has been one of the greatest blessings to my life over the last few years. I have met the most amazing friends and teachers, moved through some of my greatest sorrows, and found new unimaginable strengths. I hope only to give back, in kind, all that Studio Gaia has given me.”

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