Renée Davidson

Certified Yoga Instructor

Renée believes that the path of yoga is one that can lead us to living an awakened life, helping us to become fully heart-centered in our encounters with ourselves, others and the world. She teaches and practices yoga because it is more than a physical exercise program.

“To me, the practice of yoga is a lifestyle and it requires a commitment that encompasses philosophical and awareness practices in all that we do. When we embody our practice in our everyday lives and not just on our yoga mats, true liberation in mind, heart and body can result.”

As such, Renée intends to teach her classes in a way that prepares each student for a shift in mind and heart consciousness, and in doing so, hopefully helping to create a more compassionate and humane world.

Renée first practiced yoga in 2001 and quickly learned that yoga would be an ongoing practice and guide in her life. She began teaching in 2005. In addition, she has a counseling practice and incorporates yoga and Buddhist psychology, mindfulness, reiki and somatic work in her sessions and classes. Many hours of mindfulness meditation retreats and her own healing journey have informed her teaching.

“I have had many teachers, students and experiences along the way that have been instrumental in my evolution as a teacher and human being, and for each I am grateful. I am equally grateful for the opportunity to practice with you. I hope to see you in class soon.”


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