Renée Davidson

Certified Yoga Instructor

IMG_3469Yoga teacher and psychotherapist Renée Davidson began teaching 10 years ago in St. Louis, Missouri. She began studying yoga in 2001 and since taking her first class, she  knew it would be a part of her life forever.

Renée has experienced the healing power of yoga in her own life, and she feels strongly about sharing this practice with her students and psychotherapy clients. Renée believes that yoga has the capacity to heal the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual dislocations and disassociations that are common in today’s society.

Renée enjoys teaching yoga classes, yet her passion is not in the physical poses themselves. She prefers to impart to her students an understanding of complexity of the human condition, how to develop a different and healthy relationship with all that exists; self, others, the world. Yoga is the perfect philosophy to foster this understanding. Yoga is not about the physical postures, it is about living in harmony and right relationship with self, others, ones emotions, and one’s motives.

Renée’s current interests in teaching yoga are meditation, Rest and Restore Yoga (yoga nidra), and study of and putting into practice the yamas and niyamas. 

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