Gaia Grapevine

Gaia Grapevine


A playful publication to entertain and gently educate about the environment.


A Playful Publication to Entertain & Gently Educate about the Environment

This mindful magazine is a love note from the Gaia team and friends of Gaia to you, our beautiful community. Grab a pen and some colored pencils and settle in with the Grapevine.

You will need to turn the Grapevine this way and that to discover its gifts and that is by design! If we approach our questions and issues the same way all the time, we are likely to come up with the same answers…so let’s change our perspective as often as needed to create a new way forward! You will also sense that the Gaia Grapevine is handmade and homegrown. Not perfect, and yet, perfect in its imperfections, like a lush organic garden!

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