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Max Strom is back in town!

Max is returning to Edwardsville for the third summer and offering two days of workshops to help you develop simple, sustainable practices for a happier, healthier life. The workshops will be held June 29 & 30 at the Fox Creek Clubhouse, 6555 Fox Creek Drive, Edwardsville, Illinois, 62025. Learn more!

Candlelight Flow

Join Stacey for this special 90 minute class. Combining soft music & candlelight, this slow vinyasa flow will soothe spirit, mind, & body. Learn More»

Chakra Tune-Up

Join Lynn Dean for this summer series & learn poses, herbs, oils, gemstones, & foods to help explore & balance each chakra. Learn More»

Align Your Spine

Join Kristen Coyle and friends for a fun exploration of your spine and all the ways it can move! Learn More»
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