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Max Strom is back in town!

Max is returning to Edwardsville for the third summer and offering two days of workshops to help you develop simple, sustainable practices for a happier, healthier life. The workshops will be held June 29 & 30 at the Fox Creek Clubhouse, 6555 Fox Creek Drive, Edwardsville, Illinois, 62025. Learn more!

In Full Bloom

Led by mother & daughter team, Louise & Linze, In Full Bloom invites guests to blossom through meditation & restorative yoga – while honoring the energy of the summer solstice. Learn More»

Prayer Circle

The heart of this spiritual gathering is the sharing of prayers, inspirational readings, and passages from the scriptures of many faiths. All are welcome. Learn More»

Quantum Languaging

When we carefully tune into the specific language we use, this new vibration changes our underlying belief system, helping us begin to see changes in our external reality. Learn More»
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