Welcome to Studio Gaia!

Studio Gaia is excited to announce our very own meditation group starting in April. Sessions will be offered on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month starting in April. We will meet in the upstairs room at Studio Gaia from 6-7pm with the option to stay until 7:30pm for discussion. Some meditation or mindfulness practice is not necessary but can be helpful.

Renee Davidson LCSW, RYT, and Reiki Master Practitioner will lead us through the basic meditation instructions and how to skillfully navigate through the experiences that arise during your meditation practice. 

Each session will allow us to deepen our own mindfulness practice (on and off the meditation cushion or chair) and will offer ideas on life and practice, psychology and self-understanding. Teachings and experiences of mindfulness will be shared either through a reading, audio dharma talk, or through group desire to explore specific topics. 

Please join our community of mindful living! We have much to experience together and to learn from each other. 


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